I’m soooo glad that you are here and curious to know us.

May I say a compliment prior to the brand story?

I think it’s the mindset of looking at the world in a curious way that distinguishes whether we are living or merely existing.

Nancy is the founder of the hard wax brand who gives the brand its meaning: Beauty Lies Within.

Becoming a new mom of an adorable baby girl has enabled her to experience a most messy, terrifying, challenging while unbelievably beautiful moment in her life.

Feeling the little human growing inside also lead her to ponder: Is there any chance that we can create a more positive experience to value each woman? In some degree WE ARE ONE – There are many difficulties facing us through the journey of being a girl and a woman.

Admit it or not: currently women are not empowered enough that one of the beauty standards for most of them is still the perfectly smooth skin despite the fact that it’s biology, organic, natural to have body hair.

That’s where Lansley started, if you’ll do it anyway, then do it smart.

What does it mean?

You are going to remove any of your body hair temporarily (not forever so they can still function when you need it!) in a way that’s super fun, a lot less difficult as well as longer lasting than any other products.

Then we are your absolute GO-TO.

Become your own waxing guru can definitely be one of the best investment to your beauty regimes.

Anyway, we are going to empower you along the journey!