I’ve enjoyed the smoothness of a wax for years, but always have been hesitant to invest in a wax melter myself. I had feared it wouldn’t be easy to do, it would messy and what if I didn’t have the guts to pull the strip at all let alone hard enough to really remove hair?

This kit by Lansley includes the wax warmer, 10.5 oz of Pearl Hard Wax and 10 wooden applicators.

It was simple to use, quick and I used a very small amount of beads for my underarm area. I’d be lying if I said it WASN’T painful but I expected more pain than I experienced and over time I’m sure I’ll gain a higher pain tolerance. I had leftover wax which I just let harden in the removable basin for use next time. I anticipate I won’t be needing a wax again for two to three weeks! That’s what I have noticed when I’ve been professionally waxed (in the same fashion ) previously.

This set is available on the


website and they’ve been kind enough to offer my US followers a code for 20% off: alexis20.

I will be using this warmer to wax my bikini line come spring. It’s worth noting you can use any type of wax in this warmer – beads and tubs/tins. Now that I own a warmer I can’t imagine paying for waxing services again.

What experience do you have with waxing? Would you be able to wax yourself? Would love to hear your thoughts on the subject below.